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Role UI/UX Desginer

Year 2018

New generation, new parents

I am not a parent yet but I already think about how I am going to teach my kids the right values, that is why I decided to research more about this topic. In order to validate my thoughts, I created this side project following google design sprint kit methods. According to the sprint kit "A design sprint is a five-phase framework that helps answer critical business questions through rapid prototyping and user testing." I felt that this would be perfect for me.

Each generation has a different style of parenting, it also means that they have different concerns and values to teach. Now it's the millennials turn to create their own. Millennials spend twice as much time with their kids as 50 years ago, according to The Economist. This means that millennial parents are more present in their children education and they need tools to help them with that.

Design process
Millenials spend twice as much time with their kids as 50 years ago.

With the internet, social media and new technologies there are many new opportunities and resources for millennial parents to use on their toddlers (1-3 years old) before they start school. I did  user interviews  

with some millennial parents - 5 families - about what kind of activities they like to do with their kids and coloring was an answer in all the interviews. It is the activity that keeps the preschoolers focused for hours - apparently parents were very happy about this fact. 


User journey

I chose coloring pages because it's a simple activity that can easily bring benefits for toddles education.

It's very important to prepare the kids for school, by giving them color pencils and paper you can release their imagination and improve 13 different areas of their education:

Handwriting, hand and eye coordination, relaxation and patience, focus, knowledge, confidence, motor skills, creativity, self-expression, color recognition, therapy, grip and language development.

Requirements: easy access , low price (disposable material), according to current society values.
C coach helps millennial parents to easily find coloring pages to educate their children.
A platform with curated teaching content

In this phase, I looked for solutions already used in competitors from the industry and also businesses that use a similar solution.


8 ideas in 8 minutes

Brainstorm and had 8 ideas of how to make coloring pages search for parents easier. They need to able to find the colorings by topic and categories they are willing to teach.

Always keeping the initial requirements on mind.


The best option is a web page to print
the drawings at home on demand.
Money X Impact

To help narrow down my ideas I used the decision matrix. Since it was a side project I decided to use money as one of the axis but usually effort X impact is also used.

Printed materials are too expensive and not ecological. Facebook pages would be easy to connect to printers. The best option in this scenario is to build a web page with curated content and categories for parents to find the content they are looking for easy and fast. 

"A design sprint prototype is a facade of the experience you have envisioned "

The prototype phase is for us to build the idea and validate on the following phase. I chose to build a high fidelity responsive web page prototype going through the wireframing and user interface design steps. For the handoff to the engineering team, I usually use Zeplin or Invision.


Wireframing & user flow

This shows the early framework of the app. It helps to focus on the functionality of the website instead of thinking about how it looks.​

Naming and logo

The C stands for color/coloring and the definition of the word Coach is to train or instruct (a team or player) or give (someone) extra teaching.

I used a simple and strong font for the logo to keep it remarkable in users mind. Users are still the parents of the toddlers but I still wanted to use a playful tone for the brand in the pencil icon.

Color Palette

Colors used are bright to bring fun, engagement to the website. Entertainment and education are the main focus for parents.








Artboard 2.png

body {
    font-size: 16px;

    font-family: Montserrat;

h1 {
    font-size: 2.25rem;
    font-weight: bold;

h2 {
    font-size: 1.125rem;
    font-weight: bold;

p.normal {
    font-size: 1rem;
    font-weight: normal;

p.thick {
    font-size: 1rem;
    font-weight: bold;

Screen Shot 2018-07-28 at 23.27.20.png
Desktop HD.png
Desktop_2 Copy.png
Micro-Interactions and animations

When the prototype was ready I sent the link with the product to 5 different users to validate the idea and the product design. I gave them the task "Find a coloring page about food". I talked to them on Google hangouts with a shared screen to see how they were going to use the website. Although the typing areas where not working yet, they were able to find the coloring page about food through the categories.

There was feedback about that it wasn't 100% clear about what the website was about at first look. So there are still some improvements to be made. With this project, I was able to develop and validate an idea in one week. The answers were very positive and the final analysis would be that the idea was validated. 


Final thoughts 

This was an idea that I had for so long in my mind and I am very happy to have positive results. For the first draws, I thought about reaching out to some illustrator friends but after the idea can grow to implement a community that would allow users to upload and comment the content.​

I will probably continue with this project and plan to have it fully launched in the future.