Role UI/UX Desginer

Year 2017/2018

Glossom is a beauty startup participating in the L'Oreal '18 program.

A mobile shopping platform and judgment-free beauty community for women between 18-28 years old. 

I was responsible for the new brand identity and UI/UX redesign. After understanding the target market I talked to users to know their needs and why they were using the app. Users could be classified in creators and content consumers in a proportion of 20% and 80%.

The goal was to reverse this numbers in order to generate more content inside the app. Sprints were often realized to improve the app and solve UX problems. On this study case, I will show one example of the sprints regarding the video creation.



Process: First, have the design map to have a bigger picture and identify the pain points. Second ideation and wireframing with ideas to solve the pain points, design the interface and finally prototype and test.







1. Understand
2. Ideation & wireframing.
3. User interface.
4. Prototype and test.

1. Understand

With the creators and consumers design map, we were able to identify that the difference was on how and why they would post content.

2. Ideation & Wireframing

How might we make the video posting more appealing?

The decision was to first implement stickers that was the easiest solution with the higher impact on users.


Ideas generated

Video editing tools;

Import tools;

Exclusive stickers related to beauty.

3. New user interface and stickers feature

4. Prototype and test

During the test phase, 80% of the users tested decided to use at least one sticker on their next content posted.