Role UI/UX Desginer

Year 2017

Online Cookbook

As a B2B brand working in the foodservice segment, the company needed content marketing to keep the brand in touch with amateur patissiers.  Their customers are 70% women, between 24-40 years and have cooking as a side project in their life, working from home, on evenings or weekends. After talking to 5 loyal customers of the brand we identified a pain point in for them: portion sizes when you are neither home-cooking nor industrial size. The idea was to have a branded website that would help them generate recipes based on the portion size they need in each and specific order. Given that the company offers patisserie supplies in different packaging sizes, the product suggestions change accordingly with the user recipe set up. 


Process:  after the marketing department presented the problem and the user profile I decided to use design sprint map to have a bigger picture of the project. Based on that I broke it into four tasks:



1. Understanding & research.
2. Ideation & wireframing.
3. Design the cookbook interface.
4. Prototype ans test.

All videos and photos were taken exclusively for the project with my creative direction and By FLAMBOESA.

1. Understand & research

2. Ideation & Wireframing

During this task, we spend most part of the time talking to the company customers trying figuring out what kind of filters the cooks would need to start to bake their recipe.


Possible filters

Number of portions/people;

What products they had access to;



3. Cookbook interface

4. Prototype and test